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The Story of The Foxy Unicorn T-shirt


This is Carlene’s oldest daughter, Hallie.  Hallie is 11 years old and very creative. If you’ve read our bio, than you know that she is how Boss and Michael’s got it’s name. When she was about 2, she named one foot Boss, and the other foot, Michael. When her parents would get mad at her for kicking someone or something, she would say, “It wasn’t me! It was Boss and Michael!”  Hallie would also complain about Boss and Michael fighting with each other while they were kicking each other. You could say that she has been a very creative since the day she was born. 😀

Hallie loves to draw and write, she hopes to be an advertisement writer or an author when she grows up.  She says that she is always making up commercials in her mind for everything that she looks at. And she has been making her own books since the day she could write ( which was actually pretty young).

Now, to the reason for this post…..  Hallie is also the designer of this Foxy Unicorn t-shirt.  She drew this combination of a fox and a unicorn all by herself. This is quite amazing for an 11 year old girl! It has already become a favorite design among many, because who doesn’t love foxes and Unicorns? This shirt is the best because it makes them into one- Foxy Unicorn. It’s also great because, since it was designed by a young girl, we know that the young girls will love it, just as much as the adults do that buy it for them! Here’s to Hallie! Hopefully, this is just the beginning of her designing and producing career!


We have also put this design onto a baby bodysuit. We love it for a baby boy or a baby girl! It may just be the cutest little bodysuit ever!!

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