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A Little Bit About Us


Carlene and La-Shana started Boss & Michael’s in late 2014 as a way to earn a little extra income while being able to stay at home with their kids. They started out selling mostly scarves and leggings and gradually worked their way into doing their own screen-printed tees. They still sell a variety of things at and
Their kids have had a big impact on Boss & Michael’s. Carlene’s oldest daughter, Hallie, is how they got their name. When Hallie was only 2, she named her feet. One was named Boss, and the other was named Michael. She used to say that Boss and Michael were fighting when they would kick each other. And she would blame it on them when she would kick someone. The names Boss and Michael stuck and eventually became the name of this shop.
Carlene’s youngest helped come up with one of the most popular shirts, “little dude.” One day while brainstorming for new shirt ideas, Raquel called someone a little dude, and a light bulb lit up for Carlene and La-Shana and the rest is history.  They married brothers who both are school teachers and coach basketball.

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